NEFEA can refurb any type of apparatus. See some examples of our excellent work, such as this complete refurbishment of the 1997 Seagrave Aerial for Essex FD, MA and more.

Reel Mounting

NEFEA will mount any type of reel including the following types: Water - Booster Reels, Electrical Reels, and Hydraulic Reels. You can count on the expert work of the technicians at NEFEA.

Rear Chevron striping

NEFEA will install reflective chevron striping on the rear of any existing apparatus. Rear Chevrons for North Haven FD, CT

Motor & Chassis Service

Engine Change Engine Oil Change Oil Filters Change Fuel Filters Change Water Filter Full Chassis Lube Checks Transmission Oil Level Rear End Oil Level Tire Air Pressure Brakes Batteries Charging [...]

Complete Pump Removal & Reinstallation

When you damage your pump beyond repair. Have no fear! NEFEA can remove the entire pump in frame and install a brand new pump assembly with minimal downtime. For these longer projects ask NEFEA [...]

Pump Testing

NEFEA can conduct all Pump Service Tests for Fire Apparatus. All tests are performed according to NFPA and Comm 30 including Dry vacuum, Priming test, 100% capacity at 150 psi,10% overload at [...]

Antique Restoration

NEFEA provides expert Antique Fire Truck Restoration. See our examples like this Millbrook FD 1929 Seagrave pumper completely restored by NEFEA from the frame rails up!

Equipment Mounting

We mount any type of equipment on new and existing fire apparatus.  NEFEA will custom fabricate brackets when required. We only use stainless steel fasteners for mounting.  Our mechanics are also [...]

Aerial Platform Repair

When your platform bucket is damaged; don’t worry.  NEFEA repairs platforms in house.  NO NEED TO RETURN THE AERIAL TO THE FACTORY!  All repairs are done in house by our certified [...]

Apparatus Loading & Unloading

Using its existing three post 120,000 Lb. jacking system NEFEA designed and built these portable ramps for loading and unloading fire apparatus.   We can load or unload any type of fire apparatus [...]

Collision Repair

NEFEA can repair any vehicle body or cab. We work with all three metals including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Galvanneal. Like this example from North Adams, MA. This unit received damage in [...]


At NEFEA, we offer loaners to departments anywhere in the USA! If your apparatus is going to be out service for longer than 30 days; we have the solution for your department. There is no need to [...]

Pump Maintenance

Pump Maintenance Program Includes Pump Service To N.F.P.A. 1911 Standards Fluids Drain & Replace Oil In Pump Transmission Check Radiator, Cooling Valve & Plumbing Check & Fill Primer [...]

NH Undercoating

At New England Fire Equipment & Apparatus, we now offer “North Haven” oil undercoating. Most people will never see the underside of your apparatus, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look [...]

Ambulance Chassis Tech Info

Here you will find information on recalls, bulletins, and updates from ambulance chassis manufacturers. Ford Power Stroke Diesel Operating & Maintenance Tips For 6.0 & 6.4 Engines: [...]