NEFEA can refurb any type of apparatus.

Essex, MA

Complete Refurb of 1997 Seagrave Aerial for Essex FD, MA.

Poquonnock Bridge FD, CT

Congratulations to Poquonnock Bridge FD, CT and Chief Joe Winski on the refurbishment of Engine 33 by NEFEA.

Lincoln FD, MA

Complete refurbishment of a Spartan/3D pumper; including:

  • Complete Repaint
  • Complete Compartment Repaint
  • Lettering
  • Rear Chevrons
  • Brake Repair
  • New LED Lighting
  • New Tank Cradle
  • Underbody Chassis Saver Program
  • New Stainless Steel Pump Panel
  • New Treadplate Steps
  • Custom Compartment Shelving
  • New Battery Trays
  • New Treadplate
  • Handrail Upgrades

Mass DFS

This unit was refurbed for the Department of Fire Science, MA. The entire aerial device, stabilizer system, and hydraulic system was updated and refurbed. After this, the entire apparatus body, cab, pump, brake system, lighting were completely repaired, updated, refurbed and repainted by NEFEA.

Spencer, MA

This pumper was refurbed by NEFEA. It required new compartment doors and a complete repaint of the entire apparatus.