Pump Testing

Pump Service Tests for Fire Apparatus


1. All tests performed according to NFPA and Comm 30.

2. Tests conducted:

A. Dry vacuum
B. Priming test
C. 100% capacity at 150 psi
D. 10% overload at 165 psi
E. Relief valve and/or governor tests
F. 70% of capacity at 200 psi
G. 50% of capacity at 250 psi
H. Tank to pump flow test

3. All pressure, vacuum, RPM, etc. gauges supplied by the tester.

4. All ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures are recorded.

5. Tests are halted immediately if any malfunctions of any part of the vehicle are noted. Testing will not continue until repairs are completed. This is to protect the pump, engine, and transmission.

6. Reports of all tests are submitted to the department along with recommendations for service or repairs.

7. Reports are also retained by the tester for future test comparisons.

8. Pressure (pump) gauges are monitored and compared to tester’s gauge for accuracy.

9. Manufacturer names of all parts, such as engine, pump, governor, body manufacturer, and chassis are noted on the test report.

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