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Here you will find information on recalls, bulletins, and updates from ambulance chassis manufacturers.

Ford Maintenance

Ford Power Stroke Diesel Operating & Maintenance Tips For 6.0 & 6.4 Engines:

Ford Oil Change Notice

Ford A/C Lines

Factory Bulletin ( TYPE II & TYPE III ) Ford Econoline Series Vehicles equipped with Ambulance Prep package Code 47A and Auxiliary Heater A/C Connector Package Code 57L.  It has been brought to NEFEA’s attention that OEM A/C lines on some 2001 & 2002 Econoline series chassis have rubbed through causing leakage and loss of air conditioning. Known questionable areas are OEM lines at right angle turns below body cab and over frame just before the OEM connector valves.

These OEM parts connect the Ford system to the ambulance conversion A/C components.  Effective with units produced after April 2002 (and until otherwise directed by Ford) A protective rubber covering on A/C lines in suspect areas may be required. This problem may effect one or all of the following Ford Part #’s : YC2Z.19835.BA / YC2Z.19867.BA / F4UZ.19A990.A . 2005 AEV UPDATE – Customers are reporting that Ford has modified some or all of these parts. Verify all necessary repair components with your Ford Dealer. Ford valve change may now also be necessary Part # YC2Z-19752-AA.

Ford Recall Finder

General Recall Information Line. To see if there are any Ford Factory Recalls active for your specific vehicle, please click the link below and follow the instructions.

Ford Seat Base Concern

We have recently received reports concerning the failure of a specific Ford component in Econoline Type II and Type III vehicles. Although this is a minor component, it’s critical location has the potential of creating a serious problem if it fails. Specifically, a wire spring in the bottom of the driver’s seat in some ambulance units has broken, and the detached end of that broken spring has evidently dropped into the driver’s seat base. One of these incidents apparently resulted in a fire which destroyed the vehicle.

On most ambulances, regardless of brand, this seat base houses wiring for the ambulance conversion and aftermarket radio and computer installations.  Be advised that this same configuration and potential risk may consist on all Ford Type II and Type III ambulances regardless of manufacturer. In addition, the identical problem potentially exists for wheelchair and bus vehicles on Econoline chassis which may also utilize this type of design.  A seat base cover which can and should installed on any Econoline modified vehicle. This cover will not prevent a broken or detached spring from protruding into the seat base.


PL Custom Emergency Vehicles

Replacement of Heat Valves

Replacement of vacuum activated heat valves with electric valves PL Custom will be moving forward with a replacement plan for the vacuum activated heat valve to electric activated heat valve In the event of the vacuum activated heat valve failure; if the vehicle is still within the STD 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty period, we will provide the electric valve as the replacement part and will authorize a fixed labor allowance of 1.5 hours.

Details of the replacement procedure can be sent via email or contacting our service department.

Standard warranty authorization procedures must be followed.

If the vehicle is beyond the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty, we will supply either the
vacuum or the electric valve as the replacement. It would certainly make sense to
upgrade to the electric valve for the increased reliability for the long run.