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FiroVac Power Systems

The Innovatornot the Imitator.

Innovation is the driving force behind change and improvement. Always a visionary, Larry F. Reber, President, designed the first vacuum apparatus specifically for fire service at the request of a local department. He and Rebecca Reber started Reberland Equipment Inc. in 1974 selling and servicing farm equipment along with light commercial products.

In 1985 New Pittsburg, Ohio Fire Department requested we build a vacuum unit on their present chassis, a 1971 HI loadstar. Larry’s approach to fire service was unencumbered by the paradigms of the past. After careful research and design, the 1st “Firovac™” was built.

It soon became evident that vacuum was the answer to quicker and easier loading and unloading of water without the needless expenditure of pumpers or additional personnel. Larry realized that he had developed the vacuum concept based strictly on an engineering basis. In 1985, wanting to learn first hand how fire equipment is needed and used, he joined the local rural fire department. Over time Larry became Assistant Fire Chief of the Apple Creek Volunteer Fire Department, and although he no longer holds an office within the department, he is still a volunteer and encourages and supports our company employees who are volunteers with the department.

Firovac™ trucks are truly made by firefighters for firefighters!

Rebecca Reber, a nurse by profession, has worked closely with Larry as Corporate Secretary to manage the day to day operations, implement policy, promote product and assist associates and customers.

Firovac™ Power Systems has continued to expand operations to keep up with the increased demand for “Firovac™” fire trucks. There are hundreds of units in service or in different stages of production. Each unit is custom built for the needs of the individual departments. Chassis features such as GVWR, transmission, grade ability, tire size, frame strength etc. are paired with terrain to supply the best performance potential. Likewise, apparatus features are chosen to provide best meet the Department’s needs.

As time has passed more innovative products have emerged, such as a power portable tank bracket with 2 portable tanks, a patented floating strainer and a wide variety of compartment choices including polished aluminum tanks and Poly or aluminum bodies. All fire pumps are set up with “pump and roll” capabilities, which provides the ability to drive up to 40 mph and discharge water 100′ for grass, field, brush and ditch bank fires.

Continuing to provide innovative products to compliment Firovac’s superior flow rates and performance, a HV-LL (high volume-low level) transfer strainer has been developed that WILL NOT lift off the floor of a portable tank. There is no need to tie it down, even at flow rates of 2100 GPM.

Completing the Reberland Equipment Inc. team are knowledgeable, committed management members and employees that are an esteemed part of the business.

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About Us:

The Innovatornot the Imitator.


Firovac™ has associates throughout the USA and Canada.

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If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Mr. Larry Reber at 1-800-796-2588 Ext. 104, 

Rebecca Reber at Ext. 102, Ben Lewis at Ext. 119 or Brian Stoffer at Ext. 105.

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Company: Firovac™
Company Address: 5963 Fountain Nook Road • Apple Creek, OH 44606 
Company Phone: 1-800-796-2588
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