Rescue 1

Rescue 1 600x800
A Rescue 1 is more than just a shiny polished truck. It’s an extreme duty, custom-made tool that’s dependable and built to provide a lifetime of services. Each rescue is handcrafted with exacting precision by a dedicated team who takes great pride in every vehicle they produce.

Rescue 1 manufactures emergency vehicles that are designed to match the diversity of each community it serves, from a rural country setting to heavily congested and populated cities. Every vehicle is built to service each department’s unique requirements.

Command, Hazmat, Light and Air, Auto Extrication, Fire Support, Urban Search & Rescue, Dive & Water, and other related emergency vehicle mediums are manufactured at Rescue 1. Fabricated in either extreme duty extruded aluminum and or 12 gauge 304-L stainless steel.

The “First Responder” industry has deeply rooted traditions, from the pride that motivates the members to the methods and materials of how their vehicles are built. The phrase, “One Size Fits All”, doesn’t cut it here!

Rescue 1 is still privately owned. We offer high quality customized products, while establishing personalized relationships with each individual customer. Our associations with your department may first start as a customer, but at the delivery of your new Rescue 1 vehicle, you will be a friend.