Piston Intake Valve

Traditional piston intake valve design used for pumper intake control. There is a stainless-steel piston, sleeve and spindle for corrosion protection or Brass Piston and sleeve for extra [...]

Ball Intake Valve

A low profile,12” depth ball intake valve designed for pumper intake control. Valve meets 900 PSI hydrostatic strength test. Utilizes full flow ball valve design, and has an easy to see visual [...]

4 Way Siamese Clappered Valve

Light weight anodized corrosion resistance all metal construction the 4 way Clappered Siamese is used for supplying one LDH line from up to four smaller lines. Each inlet is Clappered [...]

Harrington 5-Way Manifold

Light weight, 5-way LDH manifold, feeds four smaller lines from one LDH line and also has one straight through LDH outlet. The balls are hard anodized with stainless steel tappets for corrosion [...]