Fishkill FD

With the milestone of placing the Smeal Ladder Tower in-service now behind us, I would like to take this opportunity as the Truck Committee Chairman to personally thank each of you for your hard work and dedication throughout the entire committee process.

I believe each of us brought a little different idea/opinion to the table and with the invaluable help of Jim Feehan and the Smeal engineers, we were able to spec and deliver an apparatus that will be an asset to the Village of Fishkill for many years to come and more importantly, provide a tool that will allow fire personnel to operate in the safest manner possible to fulfill our mission of preserving both life and property.

Each of you, including Jim and the Smeal personnel, should feel proud of your accomplishment; and I certainly appreciate your help and support throughout the almost three (3) year period that we spent getting to where we are today. You made my job a lot easier.

Great Job to ALL. Thanks again!



R.L. Wilson

Emergency Response Coordinator

Senior Project Coordinator

Village of Fishkill