Genesis eForce Rescue Tools

All Genesis eForce tools feature an unparalleled power plant that rivals traditional hydraulic power tools. All eForce tools also feature a non-proprietary battery system, using 28V Milwaukee [...]

Genesis eForce 2.0 S53 Spreader

The S53 is a powerhouse in a smaller package. Well balanced and easy to maneuver, the S53 can tackle any job. With removable tips to accommodate accessories this is a versatile tool for many [...]

Genesis eForce 2.0 C165 Cutter

Smaller and lightweight, the C165 will get the job done. A 10,000 psi operating pressure and 6.5″ opening make this cutter easy to maneuver but still powerful enough to overcome todays [...]

Genesis eForce 2.0 C236 NXTgen Cutter

The C236 is a workhorse. It features an 8″ opening and a MAX cutting force of 236,ooo lbs. The interchangeable NXTgen blade inserts make it simple and inexpensive to replace damaged blades.