Dragon Fire BBP Rescue gloves

  • Extended Cuff With Internal Elastic Self Closure
  • Extreme Bond Liner Retention System
  • Exclusive “Hybrid Fit” Glove Closure System With Steel Hardware
  • Palm Shock Absorbing Task Padding

The Dragon Fire BBP (Blood Borne Pathogen) Rescue gloves offer full protection from the elements at a rescue scene. With protection from flame, cut, or puncture, and an extended cuff with liner retention system, these gloves are perfect for all rescue situations.The BBP Rescue glove has a sewn in flame, cut, puncture, thermal and abrasion resistant liner. Integrated into our glove is our field proven, extreme duty vapor/BBP barrier.

Utilizing the same Kovenex fabric as our famed Alpha X glove the BBP Rescue provides a level of thermal and flash protection not found in any other rescue glove. This protection affords the responder additional protection from hazards on the job. The palm is comprised of premium synthetic leather and strategically placed wear pads. The knuckles are protected with a form fitting impact protection pad finished in wear resistant premium synthetic leather.

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